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Bike to Work week With Town Hall

“Don’t get killed.”

That’s the sage advice from Giulia Sa Barreto from our communications team, when asked for her thoughts on biking in Vancouver.

Timely comments, on Bike to Work Week.

In order to do our part for the health of ourselves and our city, the Town Hall Brands team members do what we can. We all want to be part of the change to help make Metro Vancouver a happier, healthier place to live, work and play. Living this, some of our team members are taking part in Bike to Work Week from May 27 – June 2, 2019.

Biking to work is a great way to get healthy, active and energized at work, and reduce your carbon footprint. Giulia, from our communication team, and Sam Parker from our design team ride their bikes to the office when they can and are each happy to take part in Bike to Work Week.

For those reading this who are not sure about riding to work, they both share their tips.

In addition to her life-preservation comment above, Giulia says, “Always use the hand signal. This is not a big deal in Brazil where I am from, but it is helpful when you turn left here in Canada.”

“Also,” she continues, “always wear a helmet. Safety is sexy,” she suggests. Her final thought is to be careful, but don't let fear stop you from biking in streets without bike lanes. “You are a vehicle too,” she says, “and it is your right to be there just like the cars.”

Sam, who is an experienced city cyclist, has other thoughtful pointers to share.

“First of all, use bike-lanes whenever possible,” he notes, agreeing with Giulia’s stance on safety.

“Be thrifty and get involved,’ Sam continues. “Consider building your own bike or purchasing a used bike and fixing it up at a community bike center (i.e. Our Community Bikes).”

If you have been to our studio and met Giulia and Sam, you would notice that they are both upbeat and generally happy people. Could it be the bike riding?

Sam adds, “If you're interested in biking for exercise, bike to work every day - it will go a long way and put you a good mood first thing in the morning.”