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Meet Judy Poole of Poole and Associates With Town Hall

By Leeann Froese It’s Saturday – that means it’s time to introduce you to a new personality #withTownHall

This week please say hi to Judy Poole of Poole and Associates Wealth Management of Raymond James.

Judy Poole #withTownHall

Judy is based in beautiful Penticton, BC, where she is a wealth manager and financial planner with a difference: you see, Judy specializes in helping women in life transitions, including inheritance, divorce, helping aging parents, or if widowed.

Judy's approach is calming, taking money stress away when a transition occurs. Judy will coach you through the transition, first by listening, analyzing, understanding, and then by helping you plan, setting you up for success.

As a woman in business who understands life transitions herself, we want more people to know Judy. Can you please say hello with a comment below – or go give this post a like or share on Facebook or Twitter.