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Meet Shawn Soole of Little Jumbo With Town Hall

By Leeann Froese It’s Saturday – that means it’s time to introduce you to one of the fabulous personalities in the world #withTownHall

This week we introduce you to Shawn Soole, owner of Little Jumbo in Victoria, BC.

Shawn Soole

Little Jumbo is celebrating its one year anniversary this month, so we thought this is a perfect time to ask you to say hello and congratulate Shawn for his successful first year of restaurant ownership.

Shawn boasts more than a decade of experience working in the hospitality industry; he was voted one of Australia’s best bartenders and was included in the “International Bartender of the Year: Top 10” in 2012. After helping establish Clive's Classic Lounge as Victoria's cocktail central, Shawn went out on his own and opened Little Jumbo in 2013.

If you live in or visit Victoria, check out Little Jumbo. You can also read Shawn's co-authored book, Cocktail Culture, for some great cocktail recipes and insight on Victoria's cocktail scene.

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