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Meet Brian Cant #withTownHall

By Leeann Froese It’s a new week to introduce you to one of the fabulous personalities in the world #withTownHall!

This does not mean they work as part of our team, or are our client (although sometimes in these posts they are).

We just interact with so many amazing people that we want to expand networks and introduce them to you, and you to them. This week #withTownHall, we introduce you to Brian Cant.

Brian Cant Tartan GroupBrian works at the Tartan Group in Victoria focusing on travel and tourism public relations and is the chair of the BC Chapter of the Travel Media Association of Canada (TMAC).

Brian's passion for travel and the desire to share that passion to encourage people to grow during their travels is what brought him into the travel industry after a summer job working in the Rossland Museum. Brian has been able to work with Tourism Victoria and Destination BC in his career.

He joined the Tartan Group in 2011 as a senior communications coordinator and helps clients to develop and deliver stories to media.

We are happy to work with Brian through his chair position at TMAC, or when our clients overlap for collaborative efforts.

As a member of TMAC, Town Hall Brands has been able to attend some fantastic workshop events to learn from the industry, media and destination marketing organizations. And our own Amy Chen will be heading to the conference that is being held in Sydney, Nova Scotia in June!

The BC events are made by possible because of Brian's efforts along with the rest of the TMAC board, and the entire communications team has benefited from their March 'Star Wars' event.

With all of that said about Brian, will you please give a big hello to him?

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