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Meet Gerry Jobe With Town Hall

By Leeann Froese It’s Saturday – that means it’s time to introduce you to a new personality #withTownHall. 

This does not mean they work as part of our team, or are our client (although they could be). We just interact with so many amazing people that we want to expand networks and introduce them to you, and you to them. This week we introduce you to Gerry Jobe. Can you please say hello?

Jerry Jobe


This summer, Gerry Jobe, acclaimed Okanagan-based bartender, joined Kelowna's Summerhill Pyramid Winery as consulting bartender to create a cocktail program that puts the spirit back in spirits.

After a massive lobby (and much patience), Summerhill has been granted the license to add spirits and craft beer to the wines already on the menu in its Sunset Organic Bistro. As the first BC winery in the ALR (Agricultural Land Reserve) to have this new license, they are taking advantage of this in a way that expresses the winery’s unique personality.

The winery has linked up with Gerry to oversee their spirits menu, and take their cocktail program to an unparalleled level. Having been recognized by Western Living magazine as one of their “Top 40 under 40″, and winning several prestigious cocktail creation awards, Gerry is an award-winning and passionately creative bartender.

As a lifetime resident of the Okanagan, Gerry feels the need to establish a vibrant and stylish cocktail culture in Okanagan, the #‎okanagancocktailmovement‬.

All Summerhill cocktails created by Gerry utilize speciality techniques and ingredients hand-foraged on the sweet aromatic land of Summerhill’s own biodynamic permaculture gardens, including wildcrafted medicinal herbs and syrups aged in the Pyramid.

Unconventional cocktail techniques are applied to the creation of each drink, including employing vibrations from Tibetan singing bowls, intentionality and biodynamic rhythms.

In addition to the work that Gerry does for Summerhill, Gerry is a wine and spirits representative, and he consults to other restaurants to help them create their cocktail lists.

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