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Josh Likes Wine - Meet Josh Decolongon #withTownHall

By Leeann Froese Well its a new week to bring you an amazing person to meet #withTownHall!

If you are new to reading this blog or new to our company – we want you to know that we are proud that we have a big network, and we are continually meeting new and interesting personalities.

We want to make the world smaller by introducing people to each other - so sometimes our people #withTownHall are part of our team, sometimes they are clients, and sometimes, like this week, they are just cool people we want to introduce to the world.

This week #withTownHall, we are rolling in on #featurefriday to introduce you to a true #winelover, Joshua Decolongon.

Joshua Decolongon, founder, Josh Likes Wine 02

Josh is a wine blogger and reviewer at his site: Josh Likes Wine and a certified sommelier.

He was given a bottle of wine on his 19th birthday and he figured he should give wine a shot because he is up for everything!

At 23, Josh is a WSET Diploma graduate-the youngest (we know of) in BC. He also too k lead at the UBC Wine Tasting Club.

He loves writing whether it be an article on wine or in his journal and his love of writing brought him to the Wine Bloggers conference in 2014 on scholarship, a conference that Sujinder and I attend each year.

Josh does love wine but he also enjoys photography, science, making music, science, languages and Game of Thrones, as Josh says, "[he's] not just a pretty drunken face."

With all that being said will you help us say hi and welcome Josh to #withTownHall?

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