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Colour BC and ChefMeetsBCGrape To Showcase Monte Creek Ranch

On September 16th, the British Columbia Wine Institute will host Colour BC VQA Fall Release Tasting and ChefMeetsBCGrape at Canada Place to showcase VQA wines of British Columbia. To learn more about these two events, please visit our earlier post here. On each day leading up to the events, we introduce you to wineries in attendance with unique stories and flavours that you will not want to miss. Today, we would like to introduce...

Monte Creek Ranch, Monte Creek BC

Monte Creek Ranch Vineyard

  • Learn more about the Monte Creek Ranch space which serves as both a winery and a ranch that has developed a harmonious ecosystem of livestock, grape vines, and wildlife.
  • Learn more about this wineries commitment to flavourful, fruit forward, and approachable wines, and how this guides their every decision from shoot shining to cluster thinning.
  • Taste Monte Creek Ranch’s phenomenal new VQA releases while immersing yourself in the rich history behind the vineyard sites.

Founded in 2009, the Sidhu family were intrigued Monte Creek land’s rich history of ranchers and farmers as they were established garden nursery owners and blueberry farmers. After more exploration, the conditions of arid lands and ample sunlight gave the promise of a terrior that would allow for unique and flavourful grapes, and Monte Creek Ranch was born.

Monte Creek Ranch continues the land’s tradition and alongside their vineyards which promise an emphasis fruit forward, flavourful, and approachable wines, they produce farm fresh products including; purely grass fed black angus beef, haskap berries, and all natural honey. The winery is beautifully designed with modern materials and design aesthetics applied to the traditional “mission style” and regional barn structures which culminates in a stunning space with authentic historical sensibilities.

This winery’s commitment to the land’s historical roots and delectable wines make it a must visit on any trip to the Thompson Valley.

To Learn More: | Twitter: @montecreekranch | Instagram: @montecreekranch