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Meet Kian Lam Kho #withTownHall

By Leeann Froese It’s a new year to bring you amazing people  #withTownHall!

If you are new to reading this blog or new to our company - we want you to know that we are proud that we have a big network, and we are continually meeting new and interesting personalities.

Last year we introduced you to some amazing people - and in 2016, we can't wait for you to meet more people we want you to know.

This week #withTownHall, we are rolling in on a #featurefriday to introduce you to an amazing chef, Kian Lam Kho.

Kian Lam Kho

Kian lives in New York city, teaching the fundamental techniques of Chinese cooking.

He started his career in cooking after training as an aerospace engineer and developing software on Wall Street for more than twenty years. He apprenticed in the kitchen of Chef Josh Capon at Canteen (now Lure Fishbar), in New York, but it was Chinese cooking that interested him the most.

After Canteen he started organizing pop-up Chinese banquet events to showcase the variety of ingredients and versatility of techniques in Chinese cuisine rarely experienced in American Chinese restaurants. He continues to work at different restaurants as a guest chef, creating unique Chinese banquet events.

To share his knowledge Kian created the very popular Chinese cooking blog Red Cook. In 2011 Red Cook was nominated for the James Beard Foundation Award.

Now, Kian is in the midst of sharing his knowledge with his beautiful new cookbook: Phoenix Claws and Jade Trees.

For Vancouverites, Barbara-Jo of Books to Cooks has organized a dinner at Mission Kitsilano on January 18. Chef Curtis Luk of Mission is Chinese, and for this special night he will alter the regular offerings of Mission and present a menu from Phoenix Claws and Jade Trees. Cost of the evening is $140.00 and includes a personalized copy of the book, cocktail, meal, gratuity, and the chance to talk to Kian. Please call 604.688.6755 to reserve your seat.

And whether you get to go to this dinner or not, will you please help us give a big hello to him?

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