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Meet Natalie Browne #withTownHall

By Leeann Froese It’s a new week to introduce you to one of the fabulous personalities in the world #withTownHall!

This does not mean they work as part of our team, or are our client (although sometimes they are).

We just interact with so many amazing people that we want to expand networks and introduce them to you, and you to them. This week #withTownHall, we introduce you to Natalie Browne.

croppedNatalie Browne Uncorked Kitchen withTownHallNatalie is a stay-at-home mom and food blogger who Town Hall Brands regularly has the pleasure of working with.

Her philosophy to food is straightforward: delicious, simple and mostly homemade. She shares recipes and food discoveries on her blog, Kitchen, uncorked, and believes by keeping those three guiding principles in mind with food you're already ahead of the health game.

Natalie loves cooking, recipe creation and generally being in the kitchen now but it wasn't until she moved out on her own that she was able to take charge and fall in love. It's possible she inherited some of her kitchen love from her grandma. Her grandma lives across the country, so Natalie makes sure to have fresh baked bread and recipes to discuss on hand for their visits.

I personally love the smoothie recipes she has shared, and have tried lots of them.You definitely need to try Natalie's goat cheese and mushroom tart paired with Serendipity wine.

With all of that said about Natalie, will you please give a big hello to her? What do you like to make that is healthy?

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