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Meet Alison Scholefield With Town Hall

By Leeann Froese

It’s Saturday – that means it’s time to introduce you to a new personality #withTownHall.

This does not mean they work as part of our team, or are our client (although sometimes they are).

We just interact with so many amazing people that we want to expand networks and introduce them to you, and you to them.

This week #withTownHall please meet Alison Scholefield.

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alison scholefield

Alison Scholefield is the sales ambassador for Summerland winery, Okanagan Crush Pad, representing her family’s wines Haywire and Narrative.

Perhaps her future was fated at an early age. Visitors to the Canadian booth at Vinexpo in 1992 might have seen Alison happily colouring under the table while Mom, Christine Coletta, poured Icewine.

Back in those days Alison's nickname was 'Bub' and now Haywire's much loved sparkling wine carries her name. (Look for the Bub where fine wines are sold.)

Alison loves being a part of her family's business and and having the opportunity to be involved in Vancouver’s amazing wine and food culture

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