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Inside secrets for a better tasting room experience

Now’s the time to start thinking about what you need to create memorable experiences for your winery visitors this summer! Below are some tips on giving your guests the best winery experience:

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1.     Highway signage: Don’t expect that a sign itself will lead customers to your door. Make sure the print is big enough, the directions are clear enough, and use symbols if necessary.

2.     Winery signage: Entice customers to your door. Use clever design and marketing content to drive traffic to your winery. What sets your winery and vineyard apart from others?

3.     Creative added-bonuses for non-wine drinkers: Is your winery dog-friendly? Perhaps you have a colouring table for kids while adults taste or you offer free non-alcoholic beverages for the designated driver. Make sure this is communicated clearly within your winery with signage or other marketing materials.

4.     Tasting Bar: Speak intelligently about your wines. Do you have a tasting sheet, or do you offer free tastings? Do you have a wine club and supporting materials to convert your customers?

5.     Wine Purchases: Marketing materials go beyond just paper and signage printing. Think about branded bags or something more that would enhance your customers’ experience. Maybe you offer free shipping. Make sure that is communicated in your materials. Or perhaps offer a promo card for their next visit.

There are many ways to both attract and retain customers. It’s imperative to think of a guest’s whole experience rather than just focusing on what’s happening in the tasting room. When it gets busy, not everything can be communicated verbally to every guest, so make sure you have the materials to support you. And don’t forget about your designers and printers! They need lead times to ensure you get your materials ready for the busy season.

Contact Town Hall Brands today for more great tasting room experience tips, or to start using the power of design to transform your visitor's experience.