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When El Viento Comes to Town, it’s the Fans that Win 


La Copa de La Diversíon or Fun-Cup, is a special season-long series of events happening in Minor League Baseball. 

Since many of the fans and players have a Hispanic or Latin background it is a chance to celebrate and honour this ethnic heritage. The events embrace the culture and values that resonate with participant’s teams in local American Latin Communities by transforming each teams’ visual identity and changing their name to a version in Spanish.

 This is not a small initiative; more than 70 teams have adopted new names and uniforms this year, and our client Lancaster JetHawks is one of them. 

 For every Friday night game, the team switches their white, red and blue colours to white and cyan and becomes El Viento (The Wind) de Lancaster.

 The new name is inspired by the strong wind power that rips through the Antelope Valley, where the Lancaster JetHawks are based. The wind represents the team’s and community’s determination and sheer power.


Yes, Town Hall Brands does Sports Design

Despite not being the most outward-facing part of the work at Town Hall Brands, our graphic design team creates amazing materials and branding for several sports teams in Canada and the USA. 

For El Viento de Lancaster, our team developed the bobblehead inspired by the popular sugar skull, a symbol of Día de Los Muertos (Day of The Dead) and its decorative box. The bobbleheads will be distributed to a thousand El Viento fans in the first Friday night game of the season. Pretty fun swag!