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Wine O'Clock Now Officially Recognized Term

WineOclock At Town Hall we have a tradition of celebrating a special time of day that we, like many, call “Wine O’Clock”.

Today, we hope that wine lovers everywhere will raise a glass with us to honour that fact that the term Wine O’Clock has been added to the Oxford English Dictionary and given us an official way to talk about the appropriate time of day to enjoy a glass of wine (which is any time).

With the prevalence of the hashtag #wineoclock across social media platforms and its popularity in everyday conversation, The Oxford Univesity Press has decided to induct it on the basis that the phrase is significant, important, and will stand the test of time.

As #winelovers – we agree!

So the next time that you are checking your watch with the longing for a superb glass of wine, know that it is now officially appropriate to announce that it is Wine O’Clock.