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Creating a Professional Brand for Your Winery

Do you know what you need to position your winery as a reliable brand? Here are some common starting points for a successful brand identity.


Brand DNA

The Brand DNA is the backbone of your brand. What is your main objective? What are your values? What kind of person identifies with your brand? This document communicates your brand’s story, and determines how your brand interacts with the world.


Brand Guide

The Brand Guide helps your brand stay consistent across different channels and touch points. It specifies what fonts, colours, language, and images should be used to represent your brand.

Brand Usage Guide for Mirabel Vineyards

Brand Usage Guide for Mirabel Vineyards


Logo Usage Guide

The Logo Usage Guide explains how to properly display the logo. How much space should be around the logo? How small can it be before it begins to lose legibility? The Logo Usage Guide ensures that no matter where your logo is placed, it always looks consistent and professional.


Creating a Professional Brand can be an overwhelming task, especially when you’re focused on the business side of running a winery. We can transform your grassroots/ homemade products into a streamlined brand. We can also determine gaps in preexisting brands, bring alignment, and determine your next marketing steps. Let us help you meet your brand vision and goals.


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