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Celebrate World Cider Day with Woodward Cider Co.

Ben, Tim and Adam Woodward launch Kamloops’ first craft cider

Town Hall Brands breaks into the world of craft cider

After designing more than 50 wine labels, the Town Hall Brands design team is thrilled to share our first cider branding project. In celebration of World Cider Day (June 3) meet BC’s newest craft cidery: Woodward Cider Co.

Woodward Cider Co., Kamloops’ first craft cidery, is the creation of brothers Ben, Adam and Tim Woodward, and just last month, they unveiled their new line of handcrafted, all-natural cider beverages.

Located on the family’s 80-acre farm, the new cidery and apple orchard shares its location with Privato Vineyard and Winery.

The Woodward Cider brand reflects the adventures and passions of the Woodward brothers, from growing up on the family farm in Kamloops, to becoming professional engineers, to the return to their roots for their most exciting adventure yet – making craft cider.

The Town Hall Brands team was brought onto the project by Trish Morelli, a marketer based in Kamloops who we have known for more than two decades, and we had all been waiting for the right project for collaboration.

Made from 100% fresh pressed BC apples, Woodward Cider is all-natural, low in sugar and gluten free. Our team developed the cidery logo, and packaging for the cidery’s three ciders. All three cleverly depict humorous stories, bold adventures or common themes that have impacted the lives of the Woodward brothers.

Blue Tractor Modern Dry

Named for the old blue tractor that was an icon around the farm as the boys were growing up, and still is today. An adventure unto itself, it was always good for a story or two. Old when they got it, you can see what it looks like today.

Pure, crisp and easy drinking, this modern dry cider offers a bright acidity along with a subtle string of bubbles that show through the misty golden hue.


Send It Raspberry Infused

What does 'SEND IT' mean?

It means to say yes to something, just do it and don’t think about it; have confidence and just Send It! Whether it’s taking the big jump, crushing it on the slopes, or having the guts to start a new cider venture! This cider has a clean, fresh blend of BC apples and raspberries & a rosé hue. Pretty in the glass and really appealing.


5 Liner Not so Dry

This cheeky little cider is a tribute to the boys’ Gramma Anne.

At age 95, she has taken to writing funny and often crude limericks about her family and their friends. 5 Liner boasts a lively golden colour, medium acidity, and a slightly off dry finish, just like Gramma’s limericks.

There once was a fearless bike rider

Whose favoured drink was a fine apple cider

He said to hell with the rest

I drink only the best

And popped open a Woodward 5 Liner


That was one of the cleaner limericks, but it gives you the sense of personality behind this brand, which we did our best to bring to life on the label.

Even the brand’s tag line, “Issued for Consumption” is a playful reflection of their careers as engineers and a play on the common engineering term, “issued for construction”.

Woodward Cider Co. is open weekends and holidays throughout the summer. For cider purchases, visit the cidery or look for the label at select Kamloops locations. In Vancouver, Woodward Cider is expected to be found at Legacy Liquor Store.

World Cider Day on June 3rd is an international declaration of love for the popular drink. It symbolizes the beginning of the apple cider season all over the world.