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International Women’s Day 2019 With Town Hall

By Leeann Froese


Here at Town Hall Brands, except for our co-owner Andrew (my husband), we are all women. So we are proudly female-forward and happy to celebrate International Women’s Day.

Our company is based on collaboration, and collaboration over competition as well; so that extends to lifting up other women who are in similar industries to us and not to mention our amazing female clients.

 I recently learned that there’s an actual term for this practice, that it is an actual thing!


It was coined by a writer named Ann Friedman. Along with Aminatou Sow, she coined this practice “Shine Theory” to describe a commitment to collaborating with, rather than competing against, other people, especially other women.


I like to think that we experience the Shine Theory on a daily basis and bring to life the idea that when you help another woman rise, we all shine.


Here in the office, regularly the graphic designers on our team will compliment each other‘s work, and the PR team will cheer on each other’s wins. When one person on the team wins, everyone gives a hurrah because we all win together.


So while I am so proud of the strong, proud, and beautiful women that make up the team here at Town Hall Brands, with permission I’m focusing on one of our team members with this International Women’s Day: Giulia Sá Barreto.


Giulia is our intern; she has a marketing degree and agency experience, but she has been with the team since last fall learning how to do PR. She’s become a strong member of our team for her smarts and vibrant energy. The fact that she is from Brazil and English is her second language only makes me more impressed with how hard she works to get the communication she does out the door.


When asked what International Women’s Day means to her she said, “it is a great opportunity to remember the fight of women before us. Many died and sacrificed so we can have basic rights.  It's also a reminder we still have a loooong way to go until we reach gender equality! #GRLPWR “


She’s right. We have it so good here in Canada but we know this is not the case everywhere.


It’s a time to celebrate what we have, remember what it was, and help fight for those who need our strength.


From all of us at Town Hall Brands, Happy International Women’s Day.

Giulia Sa Barreto - Photo credit Maddie Clerides

Giulia Sa Barreto - Photo credit Maddie Clerides