Leeann Froese and Andrew von Rosen own and head Town Hall Brands, supported by a smart, dedicated, and hard working team of consultants.

The approach of the Town Hall team is to work hard and have a great time doing what we love. Contact any team member by email with the format

Meet the team…


Leeann Froese – ownerLeeann Froese

Blessed with a silly spirit, but serious work ethic, Leeann loves people, and they love her. Leeann is Town Hall’s extroverted co-owner, so it is natural that she is its public face.


Sujinder JunejaSujinder Juneja, FWS

Sujinder Juneja can tell your story; in fact, he can tell it so well that others can’t wait to share it.


Amy ChenAmy Chen

Amy’s passion for food, travel, environmental issues and dogs is infectious. When you meet her, you’ll know…



Andrew von RosenAndrew von Rosen – owner

Andrew von Rosen is Town Hall’s co-owner, senior designer, and less-public face. He’d love it if all his daily tasks could involve baseball. Perhaps, in this case, the diamond is the boy’s best friend.


Laurisha BardalLaurisha Bardal

Laurisha has worked with Town Hall for two years and implements many client projects for the Town Hall design team.


Felicia FraserFelicia Fraser

Felicia is a lead designer at Town Hall. She creates designs that communicate and inspire—designs you can feel good about.


Lindsey AtayaLindsey Ataya

Lindsey Ataya represents Town Hall from Whistler, BC. But she’s no ordinary mountain girl.