Let’s gather, collaborate, and then take your story to the people.

Town Hall Brands is a full service agency offering design, marketing and communication services.

2017 marks 20 years of producing memorable projects that impact the public and help bring names to the tips of Canadian tongues.

We named our company “Town Hall” Brands based on collaboration, which we feel is so important, especially in this era of crowd-sourced information and real time customer feedback.

Leeann Froese and Andrew von Rosen head Town Hall Brands, supported by a smart, dedicated and hard working team. The concept of the town hall—the place people gather to exchange and share valuable ideas and information—forms the foundation. We are a lifestyle destination, and deliver projects that inspire and celebrate the good life.

You likely found this page because you are looking for help creating or amplifying your brand. Well, you came to the right place. Read on and see how we can help…