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Meet Degan Walters With Town Hall

By Leeann Froese It's Saturday - that means it's time to introduce you to one of the fabulous personalities in the world #withTownHall

This does not mean they work as part of our team, or are our client (although sometimes they are).

We just interact with so many amazing people that we want to expand networks and introduce them to you, and you to them.

This week #withTownHall we introduce you to Degan Walters

Degan Walters

Say hi to Degan!

Degan, which is pronounced like Meagan, is an artist, writer, food blogger, scuba diver, motocycle rider, and more.

Her food blog is and she also writes freelance articles on food & drink (as well as other subjects) and is a contributor to

Degan is from Vancouver but currently lives in Seattle with her husband Matt, dog Riley, and cat Maceo. (This pic was taken a while back, when she still lived in Vancouver and sported #pinkhairdontcare.)

Degan has been writing about food (and lifestyle and travel) since 2008. For a great read on what she has learned from 7 years writing abojut food, check out this post on her blog Smoky Sweet

And whether you already know Degan or not, please help us support her and say a big hello.

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