Meet Cory Price with Townhall

Meet Cory Price with Townhall

By Leeann Froese

Weekly for the past couple of years it has been our pleasure to introduce people we encounter and then capture #withTownHall!

This does not mean that we have hired someone new and added them to our Town Hall Brands team; rather we just get to interact with so many amazing people that we want to expand networks and introduce them to you, and you to them. This week #withTownHall, we introduce you to Cory Price.

Cory Price

If he isn’t making his own music or enjoying the outdoors, Cory Price can be found behind the mic at Roundhouse Radio 98.3 in Vancouver, BC.

Cory’s appreciation for music began at an early age when he frequently listened to his grandma sing. At 14, he picked up the guitar, and there was no going back.

He got his broadcast experience started by volunteering at SFU’s Campus radio, and his official career in broadcasting started in Squamish. He has also worked at 104.9 FM Vancouver, spent nine years at CFOX FM, and did stints with LG 104.3 and the 102.7 The Peak Vancouver before settling in at Roundhouse Radio.

At Roundhouse Radio he is the music director, produces of “Live from Railtown”, a one hour media/culture show, and is the Host of “Tracks”, a one hour new music show.

We are lucky that our PR team gets to work with Cory and his team from time to time.

When he isn’t working he plays guitar in his own band, Sex With Strangers. Check them out!

With all he does, will you help us welcome Cory as a featured person #withTownHall ?

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15 thoughts on “Meet Cory Price with Townhall

  1. Good Call all round.. Cory’s a great touch with Vancouver and it’s community layers.
    and you guys are the best for featuring him.
    FYI – Cory now hosts Live from Railtown as well.

    Next he says he’s going to become a surgeon!!
    Paging Dr Price!!

  2. Cory – A great passion for music………..a natural for “Live from Rail Town”………… TownHall is awesome for supporting Roundhouse Radio’s very own Cory Price #withTownHall.

  3. LOVE CORY! His voice is so luxurious I want to take a bath in it. And he knows so much about music. Really thought this story was cool. THANKS!!

    • Love that “I want to take a bath in it” what a great description of a voice! Thanks for commenting – Leeann

  4. Cory Price is not only a great guy, but a talented musician! Love that you guys featured his work in media (TRACKS Show Host) and the arts!
    Check out his band, Sex With Strangers if you get a chance!

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