Meet Kayla Bordignon of Uncork BC With Town Hall

By Leeann Froese

It’s Saturday – that means it’s time to introduce you to one of the fabulous personalities in the world #withTownHall

This week we introduce you to Kayla Bordignon, founder and editor of Uncork BC

Please meet Kayla Bordignon #withTownHall

Please meet Kayla Bordignon #withTownHall

Kayla first fell in love with BC wine after a tour of Oliver’s wineries in 2008.

She has grown to love tasting and touring at BC wineries, and has been to more than 80 already. She’s very passionate about BC wine and shares some of her experiences with you on her site.

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Find the 30 Best Patios in Metro Vancouver

by Leeann Froese

It’s no secret that our team can get to hanging around with travel and adventure blogger Marc Smith #withTownHall. Recently, we helped Marc research a few locations for his latest blog series: #30BestPatios.

Sujinder, Leeann, Laurisha & Andrew flank Marc for a group patio hug

Sujinder, Leeann, Laurisha & Andrew surround Marc for a group patio hug

With the terrific summer weather we have been having in Metro Vancouver, reviews of patios are very helpful, and the nice thing about this blog series is that not everything is in downtown Vancouver, providing options for those of us who live and work in other neighbourhoods.

We were so inspired by Marc Smith’s #30dayadventures #30bestpatios series that we decided to create a map. We’ve compiled all the patios he has reviewed and indicated what area they are in, so that you could know where to go for the rest of the summer, and many summers to follow.

Check it…

30 Best Patios

Oh and we are even so kind as to give you a downloadable PDF version.

Who’s on the list? We’ve gathered all 30 of Marc’s posts. Click the links below to see what Marc experienced at each patio and why it made his list.

1. Adesso Bistro, West End

2. Bambudda, Gastown

3.  Black & Blue, Downtown

4.  Bridges, Granville Island

5.  Cactus Club, English Bay

6.  Chill Winston, Gastown

7.  Dockside Restaurant, Granville Island

8.  Joe Fortes, Downtown

9.  The Keg, Yaletown

10. Lift Bar and Grill, Coal Harbour

11. Local, Kitsilano

12. Mill Bistro, Coal Harbour

13. Reflections at Hotel Georgia, Downtown

14. Romers Bugers, South Vancouver

15. Tap & Barrel, False Creek

16. The Wine Bar, Yaletown

17. University Golf Club, UBC

18. Vancouver Art Gallery Café, Downtown

19. Beach House, West Vancouver

20. Beatniks, Fort Langley

21. Blue Canoe, Richmond

22. Flying Beaver, Richmond

23. Harold’s Bistro, Richmond

24. Hart House, Burnaby

25. Little District. North Vancouver

26. Longtail Kitchen, New Westminster

27. Pier 7, North Vancouver

28. Riverway Clubhouse, Burnaby

29. Steamship Grill, Victoria

30. Wild Rice, New Westminster

See to learn about more of Marc’s adventures

Now get out there and enjoy!


Fight Global Warming (or just have fun) on World Jump Day


by Leeann Froese



Directly quoted from Days of the Year where we seek inspiration for much of our fun, comes today’s #SundayFunday idea to celebrate: World Jump Day.

Sunday July 20 is World Jump Day

Many ideas are floated to help combat global warming, and World Jump Day is one of them. The aim of the day is to shift the orbit of Earth, to extend daylight hours and to create a more standardized climate throughout the world.

The concept was promoted by German artist, Torsten Lauschmann, and the first World Jump Day was slotted for July 20, 2006. He claimed that 600 million people in the Western Hemisphere were going to jump at the same time. This proposal was actually a satirical art installation, but it reminded people about the effects of global warming.

Earth weighs 100 trillion trillion pounds, and the average weight of a human is 137 pounds, which multiplied by 600 million equals 8,220 million pounds. Working out the pound-force of that figure involves a complicated formula, but rest assured that 600 million people jumping simultaneously (if anyone could organize the event) would make no difference to Earth’s orbit.

But, hey, it’s fun. Jump!





Meet Sujinder Juneja With Town Hall

By Leeann Froese

If you have been following what we do, you know that every Saturday we like to feature a personality #withTown Hall.

This week, as we round the corner to our 2nd year of business, we decided it’s time to take #withTownHall here to the source.

This week #withTownHall we are celebrating our own. Our Sujinder Juneja is not only our communication director, he is a true lover of wine.


We could go on, but the case in point that we want to highlight is that he just passed his French Wine Scholar exam

The French Wine Scholar Program covers French wine law, grape varieties, viticulture, winemaking and all of the French wine regions. Developed and administrated by the French Wine Society with the support of the French Ministry of Agriculture, this specialization program  is designed for advanced students of wine, whether professionals or serious wine hobbyists.

Way to go Sujinder – #gogetit!





We will be asking Sujinder not only to share his good story ideas, but also for his French wine recommendations to be sure!

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A Taste of British Columbia #withTownHall

by Leeann Froese

Added: thank you to the handful of bloggers who joined us to taste the wines below in a room hosted by Soléna Estate – we know how rare a chance it is for you to taste BC wines and we appreciate them allowing us to tag along! A special shout out to the inimitable April Yap-Hennig of Sacred Drop who coordinated all!

If you enjoyed, please spread the word!

Thanks to all of you amazing enthusiastic folks who joined us! Here's a few of your we managed to rope into a pic.

Thanks to all of you amazing enthusiastic folks who joined us!

Winery: Mt. Boucherie Family Estate Winery

Social: Twitter / Facebook @mtboucheriewine
Located: West Kelowna
The Wine: Mt Boucherie Family Reserve Gamay Noir 2012
Price: CDN$15.50 | Alcohol: 13.9%
What you might taste: Structured on the palate with elements of red currant, black raspberries, a hint of ground black pepper and savoury, underpinned with higher acidity and soft tannins.

One of the beautiful family-owned Mt Boucherie Vineyards, located in the Okanagan Valley

One of the beautiful family-owned Mt Boucherie Vineyards, located in the Okanagan Valley Credit Lionel Trudel







Need to know facts: this winery just quietly goes about its business making incredible wines which reflect the owners’ soft personality. All of their wines are 100% family owned and grown and they hold the province’s largest acreage of family-owned vineyards – more than 300 acres. They sell their grapes to many others in BC since the 1970s, and keep a small and interesting assortment for themselves and their wine program.


Winery: Okanagan Crush Pad, home of Haywire
Social: Twitter / Facebook @haywirewine | @okcrushpad | Instagram @okcrushpad
Located: Summerland
The Wine: Haywire Switchback Pinot Gris 2012
Price: CDN$23 | Alcohol: 13%
What you might taste: The wine has a crisp acidity, juicy apricot flavours and a chalky, limestone taste along with a flinty finish which is the hallmark of clone 52. It is all bundled up with a silver label to denote that it is one of the vineyard-designated wines they are most proud of this season.

OCP original concrete fermenters

Okanagan Crush Pad’s concrete fermenters Credit Lionel Trudel








Need to know facts: Okanagan Crush Pad, home of Haywire, is the first in Canada to extensively use concrete tanks, and wines that are fermented and aged in concrete carry the Raised in Concrete™ designation. See what differences you think the use of concrete makes? The Summerland winery is located on the 10-acre Switchback Vineyard site overlooking Lake Okanagan. In addition to their own flagship wines, Haywire and Bartier Scholefield, Okanagan Crush Pad makes custom-crush wines for people who are seeking to start their own winery.


Winery: SpierHead Winery
Social: Twitter @spierheadwinery | Facebook spierhead | Instagram Spierheadwinery
Located: Kelowna
The Wine: SpierHead Pinot Noir 2012
Price: CDN$22.00 | Alcohol: 12.4%
What you might taste: medium-bodied wine consistent with its cool climate origins. Light tannins and lots of fresh red berry.

SpierHead Winery's Gentleman Farmer Vineyard

SpierHead Winery’s Gentleman Farmer Vineyard Credit Brian Sprout







Need to know facts: This tiny relative newcomer of a winery flies under the radar for many, but keeps capturing accolades and awards in every competition entered. The 2010 vintage of this same wine captured an award for the best Pinot Noir in Canada – when the vines were even younger!


Winery: Serendipity Winery
Social: Twitter @winespiration | Facebook serendipitywineryBC
Located: Naramata
The Wine: Serendipity Viognier 2012
Price: CDN$19.90 | Alcohol: 12%
What you might taste: Traditional Viognier notes of orange blossom and tangerine greet your nose. Sur lie contact brings out a medium-bodied wine and contributes to notes of toasted coconut. This wine has a hint of blood orange and apricot.

Serendipity Winery's Naramata Vineyard, with Okanagan Lake in the background Credit-Johann Wessels

Serendipity Winery’s Naramata Vineyard, with Okanagan Lake in the background Credit Johann Wessels









Need to know facts: Serendipity Winery is located in the rolling hills of the picturesque Naramata Bench. Owned by mother-daughter duo, Judy Kingston and Katie O’Kell, a visit to Serendipity is welcomed with a warm smile and a delicious glass of wine. In both 2013 and 2014 Serendipity was the only BC winery invited to showcase wine at the Calgary Stampede, and the winery was named BC Winery of the Year at a New York competition.


Winery: TIME Estate Winery
Social: Twitter / Facebook @timewinery
Located: Oliver
The Wine: TIME Meritage 2011 (Red)
Price: CDN$29.99 | Alcohol: 14.1%
What you might taste: Classic aromas envelop the glass with red berries, black cherries and peppery nuances. Fragrant characters of rose petal and sage mingle with the darker fruit elements. This wine is rich and structured, with excellent depth and silky, well-integrated tannins.

The Wine: TIME Meritage 2013 (White)
Price: CDN$25.00 Alcohol: 13.6%
What you might taste: Classic aromas circle in the glass: honeydew melon, pear and a hint of tangerine. Taste graceful hints of apricot and mango, swirled with ripe gooseberry. This wine is mellowed by barrel aging, resulting in a sturdy vibrant finish with delicate traces of oak.

Harry McWatters of TIME Estate Winery

Harry McWatters of TIME Estate Winery Credit Lionel Trudel









Need to know facts: TIME Estate Winery co-owner Harry McWatters is a Canadian wine industry pioneer, and a maverick, who performed many ‘firsts” and set the stage for many to follow. TIME is the latest venture for McWatters, who started this project after “retiring” in 2008 when he sold his previously-owned wineries to Constellation. TIME Estate Winery is located in the midst of the two-decade old Sundial Vineyard on the acclaimed Black Sage Bench in the hot, dry desert climate of the South Okanagan.


The Wines of British Columbia are as diverse as the places they are grown and the people who make them. We hope you enjoy this snapshot.